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Cellulite Removal in NYC

Cellulite removal is a popular option when coming to IN•GLO Med Spa. We offer two different services that will assist with diminishing these fat cells from your body. You will be able to walk the beach comfortably and with confidence after receiving either our VelaShape III® or Endermologie® processes. They will slim down love handles, muffin tops and other troublesome areas of the body that are hard to target with exercise and diet. We can also help with areas of the face and neck they may be sagging due to weight loss or age.

We pride ourselves on offering the latest technologies in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, allowing you to feel and look your best without the risks and recovery times of surgical options. We also offer special bulk deals when you book these services, saving you even more money than traditional surgical costs.

Woman with her legs in the air

How Do They Work?

Our team is made up of true industry experts, trained clinicians, and specialists who are dedicated to boosting your confidence through effective and affordable services. Best of all, we offer 100% free consultation services for every procedure we provide. This will give you the opportunity to discuss which services are right for you and know exactly what to expect with our highly trained professionals.

These services are affordable, effective and best of all, affordable for cellulite reduction. Surgery can be very costly and will have you in bed for recovery time. With our services, you will be in and out within 35 minutes. We also offer an express service that can only take 15 minutes with some of the services. They are perfect for stopping in for a lunchtime session. You and your technician will decide how many sessions are needed for your desired results.

Call IN•GLO Med Spa Today for a Free Consultation!