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Eye & Neck Care

Outside of your arms and legs, your neck sees the most movement on your body. Over time, this will cause the skin in this area to become loose or gain wrinkles quicker. Loose skin and thick banding of the platysma muscle, which runs from chin to clavicle, will create the look we call “turkey neck.” Treatment options at IN•GLO Med Spa depend on the severity of the sagging.

Skin Concerns for Your Eyes

There are a handful of issues that are all cause for concern when it comes to the skin under and around your eyes. IN•GLO Med Spa can help with all these trouble areas. We have many different options when it comes tightening and lightening these areas of your skin. Here are some of the concerns surrounding this area of skin:

Dry skin – Dry skin under your eyes can make the area more susceptible to damage, may take on an irritated and red appearance and may make fine lines and wrinkles more apparent. The areas immediately surrounding your eyes are sometimes missed when you apply your facial moisturizer, and their delicate nature can make them especially prone to dehydration.

Dark circles – Dark circles are a relatively common skin problem for the eye area in most adults. They are often caused by veins that darken the surface of the skin because the skin is especially thin and transparent near your eyes.

Poor skin tone – A build-up of dead skin cells can leave your under-eye area looking dull. Exposure to damaging environmental factors like the sun can create surface skin discolorations like brown spots, which can be especially common on the thin skin around your eyes

Puffy bags – Mild skin inflammation leads to bags under your eyes, which not only detract from your eyes’ appearance but can also make the application of makeup more difficult. Although such bags aren’t usually a symptom of a medical condition

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Treatment Options

Treatments to help with eye & neck concerns are:

  • Advanced Eye treatment (wrinkles and puffiness reduction)
  • Neck and decolletage Endermolift
  • Neck and decolletage Laser skin tightening

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