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How Is CoolSculpting Different from Other Body Contouring Treatments?

For most people, having a well-contoured body means everything. When you want to get rid of those small imperfections your body has such skin laxity, double chin, and fat bulges, you’ll be in constant search of the best solution to your problems. With over 4 million procedures performed around the world, CoolSculpting has emerged as the most effective non-invasive way to reduce fat even in the most difficult places. This ground-breaking technology offers a safer and more convenient way of looking slimmer and feeling great.

CoolSculpting is Completely Painless and Non-Invasive.

As compared to other procedures such as Liposuction, CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive. Rather than forcibly removing fat cells from the body using surgical processes, these procedure subjects fat cells to extreme temperatures causing them to self-destruct. The whole procedure is done without making even a single incision. A protective pad is placed on the area that needs to be worked on then the applicator works from the skin’s surface going inwards. Over the next couple of weeks, the fat cells are naturally eliminated, just like other body wastes. Even though Smart Lipo and Sculpture (other fat loss procedures using a laser) are minimally invasive, they still pose risks of internal organ damage if the laser is used improperly. Also, for a person to undergo these procedures, he/she needs to be under an anesthesia, leaving CoolSculpting as the most preferred option.

CoolSculpting is Safe and Harmless.

During this procedure, a wave of cold is directed towards the intended fat deposits and begins their elimination. The used temperatures affect the fat cells only, and cannot harm the muscles, nerves, outer skin or inner skin cells around the intended area. The controlled temperatures from the applicator are guaranteed not to cause frostbite or hypothermia to the surrounding tissue. Other fat removal procedures such as Liposuction may bring about health issues such as reactions to anesthesia, blood clots or other complications.

It’s Efficient and More Effective.

VelaShape is a popular technology aimed at getting rid of cellulite, but how does it compare to CoolSculpting in terms of efficiency? VelaShape works using a combination of infrared technology and radio frequencies to eliminate cellulite

from the body, by heating the fat and dissolving it. However, predicting the level of success is directly related to a person’s lifestyle, diet, and exercise, but can be a very effective treatment for cellulite when used as prescribed. Endermologie is another effective treatment for sculpting bodies and has the added health benefit of lymphatic drainage, but because of its more natural approach, it may require several treatments before satisfactory end result. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, targets specific fat deposits and once they have been crystallized, they’re removed from the body using natural processes. This procedure is ideal if you want a tummy tuck and for those bulges that don’t go away no matter what you do, including skin laxity and double chin. You will rest assured that the fat cells won’t reemerge.

No Downtime.

Within minutes of starting the procedure, you will be so comfortable that you’ll be able to read, work on your laptop, or even converse with the CoolSculpting specialist, all without any anesthetic. After the procedure, you will free to go back to your normal routines, and any discomfort will go away in a couple of days. Results may be seen within a few weeks, as your body begins to shed the destroyed fat cells.

Is CoolSculpting right for all individuals?

There are very little or no risks associated with the CoolSculpting process. This applies to all individuals except those susceptible to cold. This procedure is FDA approved to treat the submental area, skin laxity, bra fat, upper arms, flanks, inner thigh, saddlebags, entire abdomen, distal thigh, and banana rolls. It reduces up to 25% percent of the fat in the targeted area. However, it’s worth noting that even though CoolSculpting reduces fat from any treated area without changing diet, it’s not a weight loss procedure. It needs to be coupled with proper diet and exercise to achieve the desired end results.

How many sessions do you need?

The number of sessions carried out will depend on the area treated. When reducing flabby arms, you need one or two sessions. In other cases where you need to treat a number of areas, you must go through a number of sessions for the whole treatment.

Are you looking to change the way you see yourself and how others see you in your clothing? Worry no more! Having performed 100’s of successful treatments, our spa specialists have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to attend to your needs. We greatly value our customers’ satisfaction and that’s why we strive to offer high-quality services. Visit White T Med Spa today and leave happy and satisfied!

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