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Endermologie – the Best Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment

Endermologie, a procedure that is 100% natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive, is one of the safest ways to get rid of cellulite. Developed in the 1980’s as a form of treatment for burns and scar tissue, it was quickly evident that this non-invasive treatment improved the appearance of cellulite as well. For years now, it has been used for cellulite reduction by beauticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and physiotherapists.

What is Endermologie cellulite reduction treatment?

Endermologie cellulite reduction treatment is a process that has become synonymous with beautification. It is a mechanical way of reducing cellulite through rolling, massages and manipulation of specific tissues on the skin. This is a non-surgical procedure that is FDA approved. It is so popular because it does more than just help to improve the appearance of cellulite. It also goes a long way in improving circulation, improving skin tone, relieving minor muscular aches and improving skin radiance.

Benefits of Endermologie treatments.

There are many benefits that come with Endermologie treatments. The first thing that stands out about these treatments is that, unlike many skin-based beautification treatments, such as liposuction, this procedure is non-surgical and therefore noninvasive in nature. Here are some remarkable benefits of Endermologie treatments that you may enjoy:

It is a great way to get rid of cellulite.

Many of us have cellulite. This is mostly thanks to a wide variety of things. The main causes of cellulite include things like:

  • The kind of clothes we wear: Tight clothes restrict our blood flow and wrinkle our skin.
  • The kind of diet we observe: Eating too many carbohydrates, salt and fat and very little fiber has a marked effect on the health and quality of your skin.
  • The kind of genes we have: Some of us are simply genetically predisposed to having cellulite.
  • Hormones: It is believed that hormones such as noradrenaline, insulin and estrogen affect the production of cellulite.

To many, getting rid of cellulite is a priority, especially during those summer months when bikinis are in. Endermologie treatments are an excellent method to do so.

The treatments foster relaxation and reduce stress.

Endermologie treatments have a lot to do with deep tissue massages. This is a great way to relax, improve your blood circulation and rejuvenate your mental fortitude. Having a deep tissue massage will achieve more than just beautify your skin. It does not require a healing period. With many other surgical and invasive alternatives, you will require some time to heal. This kind of downtime can be detrimental, not only to your work life but to your social life too. Endermologie treatments do not present this problem at all.

Who is Endermologie for?

Being that it is a treatment that takes your overall health into account, Endermologie is designed for people who are health conscious and willing to ensure that they lead a quality lifestyle. If you are conscious about what you put in your body, exercising and you drink a lot of water, Endermologie is the best option for you should you want to ensure that your skin is as beautiful and as cellulite-free as possible. White Tea Med Spa offers you fast, reliable, relaxing and effective Endermologie treatments at an affordable rate. If you are concerned about cellulite reduction, trapped fat reduction, lymphatic drainage but do not want to go through invasive surgical procedures, give us a call and we will offer you the best, nonsurgical and non-invasive cellulite treatment on the market. For more information call: 212-647-8919.

Endermologie treatment

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